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The purpose of this class is to give instruction beginning at the entry level and then progress through more advanced levels as the two year program winds down.  Each student will be exposed to the level of safety awareness that is required for them to be able to function in a machine tool classroom.  This awareness covers everything from personal safety equipment, to knowing how to access Material Safety Data Sheets should they need to.  Students will be exposed to the safe and proper use of all hand tools that are required for the daily operation of a shop class, as well as an extensive hands on safety training on each of the machines that we have in our facility.  Upon completion of the safety section and hand tool sections, students will be trained on the proper use of all of the precision measuring tools that are available in our program.  They will be tested on the knowledge of these required skills, in order to be able to access their progress in these areas.

In the machine tool program each student will receive one on one hands on training on the safety, operational guidelines, and care and maintenance of each piece of equipment, to include but not limited to engine lathes, vertical and horizontal milling machines, drill press, surface grinders, CNC milling machine operation, plasma cam, and basic welding using the Metal Inert Gas, Tungsten Inert Gas, and standard Stick welding, as required for projects they might choose.

Upon completion of this program each student should have all the basic skills required to be able to acquire work as a machine tool apprentice, or be able to follow on with further education.